Management Services

The benefits derived by the clients of RVA Property Management, in the successful management of their properties, has positioned RVA Property Management, as the recognized leader in the industry.

With over 30 years of experience, RVA Property Management, has mastered the critical aspects of property management:

Responsible Financial Management:

RVA Property Management, works closely with the property owner to established and manage the financial objectives for each apartment community.

Financial information Provided:
- Web  based Apartment Community Accounting
- Real Time Access to Financial Status
- Monthly Financial Statements
- Annual Budgets
- Customized Reporting for Client's Special Requirements

Exceptional Expense Control:

Property owners of communities managed by RVA Property Management, receive the benefits of:
- Economy of scale purchasing
- 30 years experience in the development for preferred vendor list
- Maximum discounts from national service providers
- Corporate risk management
- Property tax appeal
- Comprehensive due diligence for new property acquisitions

Innovative Marketing:

RVA Property Management, recognizes that successful marketing is essential to maximize net operating income.

Superior Administrative Control:

The policies and procedures developed by RVA Property Management, over the past 30 years have created an organization unsurpassed in technical and administrative expertise.

RVA Property Management, clients benefit from the strength of a management organization that is efficient and responsive.